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Skiing holidays 2017 in Poland

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29.11.2016 r.

Skiing trips Poland

Podhale, a region located in the foothills of the Tatra range, is rapidly developing a great reputation as a skiing destination among Poles and foreigners alike. Ski stations, and ski hire and service facilities are mushrooming to cater to the demand. Even the occasional lack of snow during the season is no longer a problem, as more and more ski runs are equipped with efficient artificial snow-making systems.

Cross-country skiing in Kościelisko

Kościelisko is considered by many to be the hub of cross-country skiing. Long professionally groomed courses, ski rental facilities and cross-country skiing races – all of these act as a magnet for cross-country skiing fans. At Eco Tatry Hotel, we are happy to provide cross-country skiers with ideally located accommodation, as local cross-country ski trails are literally a stone’s throw away. No need to drive, look for a car park and pay a parking fee. You will find all you need on the spot.

Ski stations in the Tatra Mountains

Eco Tatry Hotel is also conveniently located for some of the best skiing and snowboarding pistes in the area. You will find the Szymoszkowa ski station only three kilometres away, and the Witów Ski resort – five kilometres from the hotel. The two facilities are quite versatile, catering to the needs of both beginners and expert skiers.

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Eco Tatry Hotel Poland – the place for skiers and snowboarders

Our hotel offers special holiday packages dedicated to skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts regardless of their age and proficiency level. Feel free to browse our site and discover what we offer.

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