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About Eco Tatry Hotel***

We offer our guests a truly unique experience in our beautifully located hotel in Kościelisko, in the very heart of the Polish Tatras. Eco Tatry Hotel is a great place to relax and recharge your batteries in an environmentally friendly setting. We look forward to having you as our guests.
Anita and Wojciech Styrczula, Hotel Owners
Eko Hotel SPA w Kościelisku

In the heart of the Tatra Mountains


It had always been our dream to create a unique and welcoming place where every guest feels like “at home” during their stays. A place to combine the outstanding scenery of the Tatras with an opportunity to unwind and spend quality time close to nature, in a nice family atmosphere. This was our motivation when we first opened our boarding house called Liliowy Dwór***, in 2012. During the four years that followed, we hosted a few thousand guests, both from Poland and abroad, providing them with excellent quality accommodation and service.

Year by year, the popularity of our boarding house grew. Finally, we made a decision to expand the original building to accommodate more rooms and additional amenities, and improve the standard of service.

The outcome of our efforts is Eco Tatry Hotel***, the first hotel facility in the history of Kościelisko.

O hotelu
See what kind of facilities are waiting for You in our Hotel:
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • SPA Zone
  • Free parking
  • Elevator
  • Kids zone
  • Payment by credit card
  • 8 Entertainment zone
  • The Hotel is friendly to skiers

02. Our philosophy

The natural environment is our national treasure, and caring for it is quite simply our duty. Everyone should make their contribution to ensure that the future generations are able to admire the Tatra Mountains as we are today. At Eco Tatry Hotel, we are perfectly aware of the importance of environmental protection. We make every effort to provide our guests with comfortable relaxing accommodation in beautiful surroundings, and to ensure that our hotel has no negative environmental impact.

This is why our hotel operates on the basis of four core values.

Eko Hotel SPA w Kościelisku



Book a room and be sure to get some R&R in a lovely place with mountains nearby, admiring the beautiful massif of Giewont. Take a short walk to the scenic hiking path called “Droga pod Reglami”, the entrance to the Tatra National Park and down the Kościeliska Valley, arguably Poland’s most beautiful mountain valley. While on the hike, you will probably have an opportunity to see sheep flocks grazing in the vicinity of the hotel, or spot some deer in a small wooded area nearby.


Visit us to savour the diversity and beauty of the Tatras.



We run our hotel with a focus on the environmentally conscious use of resources. The place is equipped with solar panels to harness the abundant and clean energy of the sun. Our heating system is environmentally friendly, too, as we want to breathe smog- and pollution-free air. We do not use a septic tank. All waste produced in our hotel is removed directly into the communal sewage system.


Pick our hotel and make your contribution to keep the Tatras clean and healthy.



Eco Tatry Hotel is located nearby the Tatra National Park, in a lovely site with mountain views – perfect for switching off and recharging your batteries. The building is situated away from the hustle and bustle of city life, traffic pollution and noise, and loud parties. At Eco Tatry Hotel, we care about your comfort and peace of mind, and we ensure that nothing disrupts your rest.


Your good rest is our priority.



Living in a fast-paced society, a hectic lifestyle, stress, irregular and often unhealthy meals – all of these seem to be inherent attributes of the contemporary world. Unfortunately, they also wreak havoc on our health. We know it, which is we provide our guests not only with tranquillity and close contact with nature, but also delicious meals made from natural local products. A short distance to walking and hiking trails, ski stations and other activities will help you boost your health and well-being.


A healthy mind in a healthy body.



03. Landmarks and attractions

Our hotel is located in Kościelisko, a village not far away from Zakopane and a short walk away from the Tatra National Park. Location is definitely our strong point: getting to Zakopane takes only five minutes by car or public transport.

In the summer

Keen hikers and nature lovers will be happy to learn that our hotel is situated a five minute’s walk from the hiking path called “Droga pod Reglami”, and the picturesque Kościeliska Valley is within a fifteen minutes’ walking distance.

Eco Tatry Hotel is a great starting point for mountains treks and hikes, climbing and mountain biking. There are also nice long paths perfect for Nordic walking and leisurely strolls.

In the winter

In the immediate vicinity you will find cross-country skiing routes. Skiing enthusiasts may go on the piste at one of about a dozen professional ski stations scattered around this section of the Tatras.

Another option for those enjoying an active holiday is ski touring. The region of Zakopane and Kościelisko offers over 200 kilometres of scenic ski touring routes.

Summer atractions

  • Droga pod Reglami

    200 m

  • Kościeliska Valley

    900 m

  •  Mała Łąka Valley 

    800 m

  • Chochołowska Valley

    2,5 km

  • Termy Chochołowskie  

    12 min. (public transport/car)

  • Krupówki (Zakopane)

    10 min. (public transport/car)

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Winter attractions

  • Droga pod Reglami

    200 m

  • Kościeliska Valley

    900 m

  • Mała Łąka Valley

    800 m

  • Trasy do narciarstwa biegowego


  • Stacja Narciarska Witów-Ski

    7 min. (public transport/car)

  • Wyciąg Szymoszkowa (Zakopane)

    5 min. (public transport/car)

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Eko Hotel SPA w Kościelisku

04. Reviews

28.07.2016 r. Source: Booking.com

Miło i cicho, pokoje czyste i dość duże, łóżka wygodne 🙂 do pokoju wstawiano łóżeczko bez dodatkowych opłat 🙂 w pokoju lodówka, miła i pomocna obsługa o każdej godzinie 🙂 , jedzenie dobre – śniadanie zróżnicowane, obiad podawany do stolika ( 3 dania). Obiekt oddalony o centrum Zakopanego ale za to prawie przy wejściu do Doliny Kościeliskiej – co dla mnie było dużym plusem.

01.12.2016 r. Source: ww. serwisy

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26.08.2016 r. Source: Facebook

Super pensjonat, bardzo miła obsługa. Polecam. W tym roku wracam tam 5 raz 😉już się nie mogę doczekać.

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