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Regulations of Eco Tatry Hotel***


To ensure your comfort and enjoyment we ask you to please take note of the following:


  • a.i.1. Starting a stay in the hotel is tantamount to accepting to below regulations by the Guest.
  • a.i.2. The hotel day starts at 3 p.m. and ends at 10 a.m. the next day.
  • a.i.3. The Guest should report the extension of stay at the reception desk no later than 8 a.m. on the day on which the room rental expires. The hotel will take into account the request to extend the stay, subject to availability.
  • a.i.4. The reservation is paid with a deposit indicated in the offer or – in the case of non-refundable offer – it is paid in full before arrival. The additional payment for the reservation deposit must be paid no later than on the day of arrival.
  • a.i.5. During check-in the Guest is obliged to show a document with photo confirming her/his identity. If you refuse present the document, the receptionist is obliged to refuse to issue the room key.
  • a.i.6. The hotel is not suitable for pets.
  • a.i.7. The hotel reserves the right to refuse accommodation to persons who are visibly under influence of alcohol or drugs or who behave aggressively.
  • a.i.8. The hotel may refuse accommodation to guest who violated regulations during previous stay or disturbed the order in the hotel.
  • a.i.9. The Guest can not to transfer the room to other people, even if the period for which she/he paid the fee for the stay has not expired.
  • a.i.10. The quiet hours applies from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • a.i.11. Visitors are asked to leave the hotel till 10 p.m. The stay of unregistered persons in the guest’s hotel room after 10 p.m. is tantamount to additional charge according to the current price of extra bed given by the reception, not less than PLN 150.
  • a.i.12. The hotel may refuse to provide services to persons violating order and regulations and may demand that they leave the hotel immediately. Such a person is obliged to immediately follow the instructions of the hotel stuff, pay for the services provided so far and to pay for any damage and destruction caused and leave to hotel premises.
  • a.i.13. The hotel is not responsible for valuables or money left in the rooms as well as loss or damage of a car or other vehicle belonging to the Guest.
  • a.i.14. The hotel has the right to refuse to accept the cash, securities and valuable items for safekeeping, in particular valuables and items of scientific or artistic value, if they pose a threat to safety or are of too high a value in relation to the standard of the hotel or take up too much space.
  • a.i.15. Personal items left by Guest in room will be send back after prior ordering and payment of the courier delivery by the Guest. The hotel does not send parcel from a parcel locker, please order the courier to the hotel. If such an instruction is not received item will be stored for one month and then destroyed or donated to charity/ public use.
  • a.i.16. The Guest is financially responsible for damage or destruction of equipment and technical devices resulting from his fault. Their legal guardians are responsible for children’s behavior including any damage caused.
  • a.i.17. Children under 12 years of age must be under constant supervision of adults throughout their stay in the hotel (this applies to all rooms, including the playroom and recreation room).
  • a.i.18. Due to fire protection requirements, it is prohibited to use heaters, microwave ovens, radiators, gas appliances and electrically powered devices that are not part of the room equipment. This not apply to charges and power supplies for mobile phones and computer devices.
  • a.i.19. It is prohibited to store electric vehicles, electric scooters, electric bicycles etc. in the hotel building.
  • a.i.20. The electric car can be parked in the place indicated by the receptionist.
  • a.i.21. It is prohibited to charge electric cars, electric scooters, electric bicycles, electric vehicle batteries, e-cigarette charges, in the room or on the hotel premises.
  • a.i.22. A person violating above-mentioned prohibitions cover all costs resulting from non-compliance with this prohibition i.e. electricity costs, damage to installation which is not adapted to charging such as devices and consequences of accidents, etc.
  • a.i.23. Wearing ski boots in the hotel is forbidden.
  • a.i.24. Bringing ski equipment, bicycles, electric bikes, scooters etc. to the room is forbidden.
  • a.i.25. Ski, ski boots and ski accessories should be stored in the ski room on the ground floor.
  • a.i.26. A bicycle (except electric bicycle) may be stored on the hotel premises only with the consent of the reception employee in indicated place, for an additional fee PLN 100/day.
  • a.i.27. W do not provide any information about our Guest’s personal data to third parties.
  • a.i.28. Parking of vehicles is allowed only in the place designated for this purpose. Parking is free for hotel Guests for the duration of their stay. After the hotel day leaving the car in the parking lot is possible after prior arrangement with the reception for an additional fee: PLN 100 until 4 p.m.; the hotel has the right to refuse a parking space after a hotel stay.
  • a.i.29. Due to comfort and safety our Guests smoking is prohibited throughout the facility, except in designated areas. Breaking the prohibition of smoking in the room is tantamount to the Guest’s consent the cover the cost of aromatizing the room in the amount of PLN 1.100.00.
  • a.i.30. When you receive the room card, you become its host. On request, the room can be cleaned and towels replaced, please arrange these services with the staff. Service is performed every day. Standard towel replacement is every 3 days. Additional towel replacement fee is PLN 8 per towel.
  • a.i.31. If the room key is lost, the Guest is obliged to pay a fee of PLN 50.
  • a.i.32. Breakfast is served from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • a.i.33. Our Lobby Bar is open till 9 p.m.
  • a.i.34. Guests are asked not to bring their own food and drinks into the restaurant, Lobby Bar, Spa zone and recreation room. Also please do not take away food from breakfast (in exceptional situations, such as illness, please contact the reception – we will serve breakfast in your room).
  • a.i.35. Persons taking away food from breakfast agree to an additional charge of PLN 100 per person.
  • a.i.36. Guest going to high mountain peaks are asked to leave information about their route and return time at the reception. At your request, we will prepare a lunchbox at price PLN 40 / person. Please order lunchbox the day before by 6 p.m.
  • a.i.37. The Independent Phonography Association of Poland – SNFP – rents a TV set to the Guest free of charge for their own personal use for the duration of their stay in the hotel.
  • a.i.38. The hotel is monitored in public areas.
  • a.i.39. Disputes between client and the hotel will be resolved by the court competent for the hotel’s registered office.
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