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SPA at Eco Tatry Hotel***

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SPA Hotel in Poland

You may be a hard-working professional or a busy housewife with just not enough hours in the day to get it all done – or a student. You may be younger or older, live in a big city or a small village. What matters to us is that by choosing our hotel in Kościelisko, you expect a good rest and an opportunity to pump up your energy levels. You want to make the most of your stay, unwind and forget for a moment about your daily responsibilities. We make it a top priority to cater to your needs.

This is why we have prepared for our guests a modern SPA zone in the mountains and a relaxation zone. Our hotel offers a range of spa treatments including a dry sauna, a jacuzzi bath, an infrared sauna and an emotional shower. There is no better way to melt away stress and promote rest, relaxation, and revitalization. As an added benefit, you get a firmer body and younger and healthier-looking skin.

Dry sauna


Dry (Finnish) sauna is a perfect solution for reducing stress, and calming the mind and the body. Heat from the sauna opens the skin pores, removing toxins from the body. Dry sauna also has a beneficial effect on skin health: it brings back elasticity and gives it a more youthful appearance.

Imagine an active day spent hiking in the mountains. Your body is really tired. You get back to the hotel and treat yourself to a relaxing session in the sauna. You release the tension in your muscles and joints, getting ready for another day of walking and admiring the enchanting beauty of the Tatras.

Jacuzzi bath


Even a short 10-minute bath in water at a temperature of about 40oC has a beneficial effect on the body. It relieves the stress and strain, but above all, it improves blood circulation and metabolism. If you are stressed out and tired, or you suffer spine, joint or muscle pain, a jacuzzi bath is just what the doctor ordered. It is also recommended after a dry sauna session. We could go on about the many and varied advantages of hot tub baths, but the best way is to see for yourself. Book a room at our hotel and experience first-hand why an active holiday in the mountains and a jacuzzi bath are a perfect combo.

Infrared sauna


Infrared sauna is a perfect solution for all those who, for various reasons, are unable to use dry or wet sauna treatments. It is especially popular with people who want to lose some extra weight. Regular infrared sauna sessions help to remove excess fatty tissue deposits by stimulating your metabolism. In fact, a 30-minute treatment allows you to burn between 600 and 800 calories!

In addition to fat burning, infrared sauna sessions also contribute to a reduction in cellulite and improve the appearance of the skin. They reduce the level of stress, relieve depressive moods and aid in relaxation.

Emotional shower


A new dimension of relaxation at your fingertips.

We are happy to offer you a place with a unique atmosphere and unparalleled rejuvenation qualities. Emotional shower is a new concept of well-being which combines a shower (with water flow and temperature adjustment) with a cascade of coloured lights, scented oils and sounds of nature. Phototherapy coupled with the benefits of water help your body to heat up or cool down.

Imagine taking a shower which feels like a rainfall in a tropical forest. A strong jet of warm water, an all-embracing scent of exotic fruit and a warm red light… what more can you want?

Relaxation zone


After getting some R&R in our impressive spa – or simply after an active day in the mountains – we encourage you to try out our special relaxation zone. Enjoy a few peaceful moments lying in one of our sun loungers with a cup of delicious aromatic coffee and a good book – or simply regain your strength before another busy day hiking or strolling.

The relaxation zone has been designed with you and your comfort in mind.

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